Sam Estes

Leadership Board

Samuel Estes is a senior management member of a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security and other DOD Components, specializing in force and executive protection. He has received numerous awards and honors in his 10-year-plus professional career as a security and law enforcement professional.

Sam first joined the fight to find a cure for epilepsy because of his best friend and former college football teammate, Geoff Pope. He has known Geoff for more than 15 years and they have both become a part of each other's extended families. Geoff's grandmother experiences seizures, so Geoff embarked upon his journey to find a cure out of love for her — first as a national spokesman for the Epilepsy Foundation while he was playing in the NFL, and after as a board member of the Foundation. Sam most recently had epilepsy touch his family when his older sister Jackie was diagnosed in early 2016. Now he fights for her as well as the millions of other people that live with this condition across the world.

Over six years ago, Geoff called upon Sam to help him in his fight to find a cure. At first Sam just donated his money to the Foundation to help support the cause, but as time went on he began to engage some of the people who live with epilepsy and vowed to take a more hands-on approach. He began to build relationships within the Foundation with such loving individuals as; past chair Joyce Bender, former Congressman Tony Coelho, Mary Brougher, actor Greg Grunberg, celebrity Rick Harrison, and Foundation President Phil Gattone.

Today he is proud to serve as co-chair of the Athletes vs. Epilepsy initiative. This important and national campaign develops and initiates an all-inclusive agenda to educate, advocate, fundraise, and support people living with epilepsy as they participate in sports on the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels. Along with co-chair Geoff Pope and the other members of the senior leadership and development teams, Sam has used his leadership and influence to place the Athletes vs. Epilepsy initiative on the track to achieve greatness not only for the Epilepsy Foundation, but also for the thousands of people effected by epilepsy that it serves.