Michael Miles

Regional Ambassador

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Michael Miles is an Athletic Academic Counselor, Professor, and Assistant Water Polo Coach at Cerritos Community College. He has worked at Cerritos College for the last five years where he has designed and implemented the Falcon Academic Success and Transfer program.  The F.A.S.T program supports student-athletes in their academic, social, and athletic goals. He encourages student-athletes to become engaged members in the academic community and utilize the resources at the College.  The program objectives are to assist student-athletes in adjusting to life at the community college level, establishing sound study habits, and developing appropriate academic and career plans. The Cerritos College student-athlete is taught to value a quality education and the responsibilities required of them to succeed at the next level. 

Coach Miles has completed a B.A in Kinesiology, an M.S in Psychology with an emphasis in Sports Counseling, and an M.S in Gerokinesiology.  He combines the study of the body and the mind to teach student-athlete the necessary balance needed to succeed at the highest level of education and competition.  

Michael’s life with epilepsy began when he turned 18.  After graduating high school he was preparing to play water polo for the United States Naval Academy when he experienced his first seizure.  His dreams of becoming a fighter pilot were ended and his life’s path forever changed.  22 years and over 25 seizures later, Michael is happy to be alive and is now an Ambassador for Athletes vs. Epilepsy, working to raise awareness and support for Epilepsy throughout higher education and sports.