Justice Bartley

AvE Ambassador

Justice Bartley was born into a basketball family, with his father being a former professional player and now coach, so it was natural for Justice to pick up the sport and fall in love with it at an early age. He played basketball every chance he could with dreams of playing in college and making it to the NBA. At 13, Justice had a series of seizures that led to a diagnosis of epilepsy confirming that he was having focal onset impaired awareness seizures.

Justice remained driven to reach many of his life goals, no matter how challenging the road became after his diagnosis. Along with finding the medicine best equipped for him, Justice learned much because of this diagnosis. He learned to listen more to his body, use the resources and support of family and friends that were around him, and develop consistency in healthy habits—to name a few.

Over the length of his journey, there have been limitations and accommodations that Justice had to adapt to; however, he quickly learned that the more he embraced his journey and gave his best effort towards anything he pursued then the outcome would take care of itself. Justice is grateful to have played college basketball at the University of Virginia, graduate a year early from both undergraduate and graduate school, and recently began working as a Player Development and Video Assistant for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Justice is passionate about spreading epilepsy awareness, advocating for natural solutions to medicine, and being a resource for others. “My condition has given me some the best lessons and perspectives that I cannot wait to share! I am so grateful to be in this position to share my journey and listen to anyone impacted by epilepsy. I want to continue to encourage and provide understanding, and joining Athletes vs Epilepsy is a huge step in the right direction.