Aaron Kenneally

Youth Ambassador

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Aaron, the youngest of three boys comes from a big sports family. His mom played college basketball, and was a high school coach when Aaron was young. She would often bring him along to practices and let him ride the bus with the team to games. During this time, he fell in love with the game of basketball and would spend hours practicing. One morning after staying up late to attend a Celtics game the night before, Aaron had his first seizure. About a week later, he had another. Aaron’s parents brought him to Children’s Hospital in Boston where he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

The following year, Aaron was cleared to play his other favorite sport, football. Immediately, he loved the team aspect of everyone working together for a common goal. Aaron’s dad coached him throughout his middle school years and they shared many great memories through football. It taught him lessons in hard work, team work, and dedication. During 7th grade, all their hard work paid off and they won the Cape Ann Youth Football Championship .

Shortly after winning the football championship Super Bowl, with travel basketball season about to start, Aaron began a seven month stretch where he experienced 13 seizures. Doctors increased his medications and the seizures eventually stopped. However, all the increases in medication left him tired and weak. After some changes in medication, and a reduction in dosage, Aaron is back, seizure free, and feeling better than ever. Basketball has become a year-round sport for him, and he travels to tournaments with his AAU team, the New England Storm. He is an honor roll student, and also loves playing golf with his two brothers when they all have a day off from sports.

After doctors were able to get his epilepsy under control, Aaron wanted to find a way to give back. While looking for ways he could help those living with epilepsy, he found the Athletes vs Epilepsy Nothin’-But-Net fundraising and awareness campaign. He rallied his basketball team and his community together and raised over $4,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation. With other close family members also effected by epilepsy, Aaron is dedicated to making a difference in lives of those living with the challenges of epilepsy every day.