September 1 - November 21, 2016
T-shirt deadline: September 15, 2016
Work Out of the Day: October 19, 2016

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Do you have what it takes Move Mountains?

I am one of the 3 million people in the United States living with epilepsy.  As a two-time Games Athlete, I work every day to push my body to reach its physical best while overcoming the challenges of seizures. I do not let epilepsy hold me back from accomplishing my dreams.  My goal is to inspire others to overcome the challenges of epilepsy, share their stories, improve their health and raise funds to find a cure. 

Last September, I ran 500 miles across the state of Colorado and raised awareness and over $50,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation as part of my Move Mountains campaign.  This year, I am asking my CrossFit family to join me to Move Mountains in their own boxes by participating in a Charity WOD to help raise more funds and awareness on October 19th, the anniversary date of my 500-mile run across the Colorado Rockies. 

- Jenny LaBaw

You can Move Mountains!

Join Jenny and Athletes vs Epilepsy to Move Mountains on October 19th and participate in the Work Out of the Day.  Donate $25 or more by noon, September 15th, and you will receive a Move Mountains tank or t-shirt. 

Are you a member of a CrossFit Gym?  Get your box to participate in the Move Mountains WOD, talk to your coach or owner and ask them to sign up the gym to participate! 

Participating is easy:

  1. Sign up your box or as an individual to participate (it’s free!)  in the October 19th Move Mountains WOD
  2. Spread to word to your members, friends and family- Each person who donates $25 or more before September 15th will receive a Reebok Move Mountains tank or t-shirt!  We will send your team shirts directly to your box if participating as a part of your gym team or to you if you are participating as an individual.
  3. Sweat: October 19th- Program the Move Mountain WOD! 
  4. Share with others – This isn’t just for your community… please spread the word on your social media platforms and with other gyms in your area.

1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy (multiple unprovoked seizures) in their lifetime.  Chances are you may know some of them. 

Let’s harness our power together to Move Mountains, find a cure and save lives!

Here are the work outs.  For time...

At Home WOD

  • Run 1 Mile
  • 26 Burpees
  • 26 Supermans
  • 26 Alternating Reverse Lunges
  • 26 V-ups
  • 26 Burpees


  • Run 1 Mile
  • 26 Burpee Box Jumps (20"/24")
  • 26 Strict Pull Ups
  • 26 Thrusters 65/95lbs
  • 26 Strict Knees to Elbows
  • 26 Kettlebell Swings 16/24kg